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And at $331.76 a month, it might be one of the very best deals in New York City. “I don’t plan on dying because I don’t want to give up a rent-controlled apartment,” said Mr. Warwick, who is 80 and has lived in one of the apartments above the Cherry Lane Theater for half a century. “I pay so little I’m almost embarrassed.”
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Prince Charming for a Shoeless Subway Cinderfella - NYTimes.com →

Awesome story. So lesson: don’t fetch that shoe whatever you do. Get the crew.

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Hanging out at The High Line with friends. NY.

Hanging out at The High Line with friends. NY.

The original idea for the store came from the Vogue editor Anna Wintour and the New York philanthropist Catherine Marron, Nordstrom executives said.
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As he was talking, a young admirer approached him. “I’m sorry, no,” Mr. Lehmkuhl said, cutting him off. “I’m having an interview with The New York Times. Can you just leave me alone?”
Source : The New York Times