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Joe Paterno was a liar, there’s no doubt about that now. He was also a cover-up artist.
Source : Washington Post
I always say, “I won’t change something because you suddenly wish you hadn’t said that – because you did.” But I’ll go over things with people because I want to make sure I got everything right.
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James B. Stewart ‘73 Delivers DePauw’s 2012 Commencement Speech (by KayO6145)

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Prince Charles reads the weather forecast for Scotland (by MrWinstonBulldog)

So, journalism could always be his second career.

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A CBS executive, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that were Mr. Cooper to become available to “60 Minutes” full time, he would be hired “in a heartbeat.” Mr. Cooper’s deal with CNN and with his daytime talk show extend through next year.
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But The Post failed her as much as she failed The Post. I spoke with several young bloggers at The Post this week, and some who have left in recent months, and they had the same critique. They said that they felt as if they were out there alone in digital land, under high pressure to get Web hits, with no training, little guidance or mentoring and sparse editing. Guidelines for aggregating stories are almost nonexistent, they said. And they believe that, even if they do a good job, there is no path forward. Will they one day graduate to a beat, covering a crime scene, a city council or a school board? They didn’t know. So some left; others are thinking of quitting.
Source : Washington Post