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“Nope, nothing insufferable about writing a whole article in the newspaper your family owns about how miserable you are at being forced to eat iceberg lettuce,” wrote New York magazine’s Noreen Malone.
Source : poynter.org
NOW’s Kristin Fisher shared her experience growing up with parents who were astronauts. Kristin’s mother was the first mom to travel into space. Thursday night, she gave a personal glimpse into the Golden Age of the Space Shuttle program.
Source : wusa9.com
Now that we’ve advanced far enough that it’s impossible to swing a dead cat in the Washington Post newsroom without hitting an openly homosexual reporter, it’s easy to forget how strong the closet recently was for gay and lesbian journalists (and let’s not forget that it’s as strong as ever for transgender journalists). There are plenty of working journalists who have ”told lie after lie” to protect themselves from anti-gay discrimination or termination, only to come out later. By Shafer’s logic, formerly closeted gay journalists are no more than confessed liars who can’t be trusted.
Source : metroweekly.com
Beats the heck out of many in The Post’s newsroom and beats the heck out of me. The cardinal rule of journalism, or politics, is that if there’s bad or questionable information, put it out yourself, be thorough and transparent, and don’t pull any punches.
Source : Washington Post
You and I were always talking about risk because she was the beautiful woman we were both in love with, right? … And in the end, you were the one she chose.
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