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Frances Berwick was president of Bravo and Style Media, and Bravo’s head of programming, when “Queer Eye” was developed. “ ‘Queer Eye’ became the basis around which we organized, developed and marketed the network,” she says. “Those areas of expertise — fashion, grooming, home design, food and entertaining and pop culture — became our passion points and the affinity groups we still program to. We’ve added a sixth one, digital, which wasn’t as prevalent at the time.” The success of “Queer Eye” helped Bravo launch hits including “Project Runway,” and demonstrate the value of creative risk.
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(For every Neil Patrick Harris, who’s only gained credibility since coming out, there’s a Clay Aiken, whose female fan base was shocked and disappointed.)
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They built a platform in the swimming pool at the country house for Ms. Spyer and were there from the first warm breath of spring until Labor Day. Still dancing, but to the tunes played by time.
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Obama Boy - I Have A Crush On Obama (by ObamaBoy2012)

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Freedom to Serve, Freedom to Marry: The Story of Monica and Naomi (by FreedomToMarry)

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